Breeding programs to begin summer 2019

May 1st,  2019

The precipitous decline of mountain caribou numbers has forced the need for extremely invasive management practices. In an effort to bring back population numbers to a stable level, ICF is involved with an upcoming captive rearing project.


This project entails capturing mountain caribou in the wild and placing them in an expansive penned area for their protection from predators, competing species and humans - thus ensuring a tranquil, safe environment for breeding.

As compared to the great work being done by non-profit group Revelstoke Caribou Rearing in the WIld (RCRW), which focuses on capturing and caring for pregnant females, the ICF will be keeping mountain caribou in an enclosure for a longer period of time to help further increase the chances for calf survival.


The location of this massive pen is being scouted by wildlife experts, including ICF Conservation Director Bart George this summer. "The goal is to have these pens in the Selkirk mountains near the US/Canadian border, encouraging a more transboundary partnership", says George.


While the key requirements for this large undertaking have been determined, members of the ICF team will be working with local experts to specify the exact pen details early this summer with the hope to begin construction as soon as the funds for the project are secured.

The captive rearing project is vital to ensure we do not see the extinction of mountain caribou. However, this program is not a substitute for long term policy needs or regulation of land use practices for mountain caribou in the wild. Please consider funding this critically important project and help ensure mountain caribou live on in their traditional habitat.

David Moskowitz